Auven Therapeutics’ business development strategy is to acquire controlling ownership in promising therapeutic products. The value of these therapeutic assets is then significantly enhanced by global development programs prior to selling them as clinically and commercially validated products to established pharmaceutical companies.

Specifically this strategy involves:

  • Acquiring ownership of potential new products, primarily mid-stage development programs, with all their associated intellectual property and proprietary preclinical and clinical data.
  • Defining and executing innovative and efficient development programs for those products, leveraging Auven Therapeutics’ in-house development team and Intellectual Property experts.
  • After achieving key value milestones, the products are sold to pharmaceutical / biotechnology companies with the relevant commercialization expertise to take the product to market.
  • Distributing sale proceeds and royalty streams to our Fund investors and to the original owner of the product based on agreed terms at acquisition.
  • Mitigating overall investment risk by taking a portfolio management and diversification approach.