Auven Therapeutics seeks to identify, acquire and/or partner and then invest in the development of novel therapeutic product candidates (both small-molecules and biologics) with a focus on mid-stage clinical development candidates.

We are an attractive partner for a biotech or early-stage developer of compounds, and in addition to providing an innovative and flexible deal structure, we offer the following:

  • Rapid decision making on acquisition and partnering opportunities
  • Ability to be creative with non-dilutive or minimally dilutive deal structures
  • Retain share of value upon realization
  • Capital and other resources allocated to move forward programs for resource-constrained companies
  • Access to broad development expertise across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Focused on accelerated development timelines
  • Experience in driving products through global regulatory approval
  • Dedicated, creative and focused, in-house intellectual property management to enhance value
  • No risk of “shelving” your compound due to competition or strategic re-alignment
  • Originator may retain significant input into future development

Auven Therapeutics invests according to the following criteria:

  • Human proof-of-concept established
  • Attractive commercial opportunity
  • Compelling product profile that addresses a critical unmet medical need
  • Strong intellectual property or other commercially relevant protection of the asset
  • Executable clinical plan
  • Conservative regulatory plan
  • Well-defined pathway to a commercial manufacturing process